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Do you dream of becoming a radio speaker? So what are you waiting for, contact us to sign up for our professional courses and become the voice of Radio Leon on Radio Leon Academy

Corsi Radio

Corsi Radio

Corsi Radio

If you dream of entering this world but have no experience in the field, sign up for one of oursspeaker courses.

We have developed a program that will help youwill quickly broadcast live on Radio Leon.That's right! During the course you will become a speaker on RADIO LEON and you will go live on our frequencies in a format designed specifically for all those enrolled in the courses, calledRADIO LEON ACADEMY.

The courses will be held in our studios. You will be followed by professional speakers who, given the maximum of four members, will be able to follow you as best as possible throughout the entire training course.

At the end of the course you will be issued a certificate of participation and an audio demo.



Basic speaker course: we will teach you the basic technique in 6 theoretical lessons and2 live radio broadcasts
Advanced speaker course: we will deepen your technique in our recording studio with practical tests and little theory, this is because we think that training the voice is the best method to achieve  a certain fluidity of exposition. The course will include 2 lessons in the recording studio and4 live radio broadcasts on RADIO LEON ACADEMY.

So what are you waiting for?Contact us!

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